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1. Think about what your growing year looks like and embrace it.  This is really important even though it’s not really fun. We all want to think that we can plant seeds or transplants in March or April and harvest vegetables until September or October. But that’s just not reality for most of us.

2. Decide what you really want to plant.  This is a great time to talk with your family about what fruits and veggies they like and would want to grow. Don’t plant things no one in your family likes, it will only lead to frustration. Dream a little and make a list. 

3. Order seed catalogs and seeds.  If you’re going to grow your plants from seeds, you need seeds. One of my favorite places to get seeds is MiGardener. All of their seeds are heirloom seeds and most are just .99 a packet. If you use my link you’ll also get a 10% discount on your entire order.

4. Figure out when you need to plant each plant.  If all you do is spend one weekend putting in seeds and transplants, you’ll never have the garden you want. You need to plant when it’s good for the plants not just when it’s convenient for you. has a great app and all you need to do is put in your city and state and it will generate a planting strategy for you. This is a great starting place you can tweak it each year based on what you’ve learned about your own growing climate. If need help understanding your growing climate I have a short ecourse to help you out.