“The temperature’s starting to climb here in Northeast Florida and, as a mom of three living in Jacksonville, I am prepping for summer break by scoping out the best indoor activities in and around my city to beat the heat once the humidity gets so thick we can swim down the street.

It is no secret that Florida is HOT. Temps run fairly high pretty much all year round but the summer months of June, July and especially August will melt your flip flops directly to the pavement if you stand in one place for too long.

Seriously, we are talking legit burns on your thigh from your seat belt buckle that’s been cooking in the Publix parking lot for the past 30 minutes.


No doubt we will be at the beach and swimming in our backyard pool a ton but there does come a time when even the kids grow weary of their waterlogged skin and when this mama just cannot stomach one more arduous sunscreen application.

When that’s the case, I know it’s time to plan an indoor event to cool off and have some fun.”

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