Lately I have been obsessed with Acai bowls! Take a look at some of these yummy fun ideas for a healthy meal!

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Acai bowls—which typically include other fruits and sweeteners, like honey, along with the namesake acai—get a lot of love in summer, when fruits are plentiful at the farmers’ market. But they could be just what you need to give your wintry morning routine life. Not only will they mentally transport you to warmer days, but the antioxidants and vitamins in the fruit they contain will help keep your immune system in top form, ready to fight off all the nasty germs going around your office.

Stock up on frozen fruit (plus all the fresh stuff you can find at the grocery store), and you’ll be good to go with these easy, healthy recipes. You’ll be saying “thank u, next” to your boring bowl of overnight oats in no time.”

 Banana cacao avocado acai bowl


Peanut butter & jelly acai bowl



Blueberry acai bowl

Easy acai smoothie bowl